Saturday, 24 February 2007

About the Bloggers

This blog is intended to be a commentary on the game from my character's (toon's) point-of-view. Since I roleplay, each of my characters have a backstory.

Ærynn Lómëhtar

A nightelven huntress. She wanted to be a sentinel or warden, but was accepted into the school of beastmastery first, and has drifted to the survival school and, finally, to marksmanship, where she found her calling.

As a nightelf, she looks at the younger races as basically foolish, but is trying hard to be open-minded.

While adventuring, she came upon a young human orphan, Myrrh Curie, and decided to adopt her.

Myrrh Curie

Orphaned when her parents were killed in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, she had been living in Theramore, but took the boat to Auberdine in a fit of adventurism... and met the nightelf Ærynn. Befriending the older woman, she was shocked but pleased when Ærynn decides to adopt her, bring her home to her "kind" and pay for her education in the "human" arts.

Except that Ærynn brought Myrrh to Ironforge to live with the other "little" people.