Monday, 29 December 2008

5-man Dungeon Drop Gear Wish List

This wish list originally appeared in the guild forums ( and, as I accumulated gear, I crossed it out.

I transferred this list here because it seems more appropriate to have it here where I can update it more conveniently. EDIT: This post is now defunct and is only being kept for historical purposes.

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom


Culling of Stratholme

Drak'Tharon Keep


Halls of Lightning

Halls of Stone

The Nexus


Utgarde Keep

Utgarde Pinnacle

Violet Hold

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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Hunter Volley, and a digression

There are many reports from the Beta Expeditionary Force that was sent ahead to Northrend. I had mentioned before that we hunters will be given an opportunity for free refresher training for our abilities and talents, but some of the more exciting and, in some cases, disappointing news are those about changes in how our powers and abilities work. I had mentioned before how disappointed I was that we of the school of marksmanship will no longer be issued Scatter Shots unless we took up more Survival training, but one bit of news from the beastmaster BRK got me excited—it was that we would learn the skills necessary to deliver a better volley (he mentioned it in passing while he extoled the virtues and strengths of his new tamed primate).

So, after that little trouble I had with Naxxramas (which my daughter Myrrh and my banker Mr. Vault helped get me out of), I went with no small amount of haste to Regnus to sign up for some training. I was fortunate, that after being instructed in the basics of the new technique I learned that, a week from that time, a certain Borgoff Marcus would be holding a public demonstration.

And this is what I have to say: The new volley is now one of the more powerful tools in a hunter's arsenal in the fight against the Scourge and their Lich King. I will explain shortly why this is so, the demonstration I witnessed from the Borgoff Marcus, and my own use of the technique when the Burning Dragoons tested ourselves in the Caverns of Time versus the most plentiful supply of undead we can find in straight battle.

The first difference between the old way I used to perform this technique and the new way is that I can now keep the volley up now for as long as I am able to, whereas before I can probably only do it once every minute or so. What does this mean? When I first saw BRK's demonstration with his ape, it seemed more like a tool to be used for hunting and grinding in the wild—nothing an adventurer can actually use in the war on the undead. How little I really knew.

Then the scourge started its own invasion into the allied and horde cities, and it came at no better time. Borgoff demonstrated the new volley in Darkshire just as a group of zombies headed for us—it was a massacre. Those who were no longer alive, yet undead were brutally laid to rest.

When the Burning Dragoons went to test themselves in the past at the Battle of Mt. Hyjal five days ago, I tested this new technique for the first time for myself. Let me tell you that I was astounded at how effective they were against massed groups of undead, using what used to be their very strength (massed attacks focused on one position) against them, as there was nowhere to run. (Let me take this opportunity to note, however, that hunters were by no means the only class that became more powerful since Patch Day—I was especially impressed by the new power wielded by the Paladins!) I have never done this much damage before—and I wasn't the only one (1,2,3). My fellow hunters, one each from the other schools of beastmastery and survival, did more than well: we totally dominated the battlefield.

This happened again two days later, when we came back to try and finish the job (1,2,3). For the first time, I felt that hunters can hold their head high as useful members of a raid. Granted, we would never be like this on a one-target fight, but at least we shall no longer be perceived as relatively useless anymore.

The only thing that mars this success is the disdain that others have for it. "The Devas have nerfed them," they would say. "You are not powerful... not really. These bosses you face are crippled bosses, which can be taken down by anyone."

It is true, however, that the Blizzard Devas had declared a "nerf" on the evil elements faced by adventurers (making them easier to kill by taking away 30% of their life). But I feel that this was only done so that those left behind by adventurers leaving for Northrend shall not be discouraged or overwhelmed; those who come after us will no longer be able to "farm" dungeons for Badges of Justice or the rare drop of gear or weaponry. But Illidan, Vashj and Kael'thas must still be challenged and defeated. Or at least, thanks to the Devas, there is now a chance that those draped in quest rewards can fulfill their mission.

Nevertheless, I shall still insist that we have become powerful. Even with their lives shortened, it still takes skill, teamwork and perseverance to defeat these. I was once picked up by a raid of random adventurers to defeat Vashj—though we were powerful enough to injure her badly, we cannot defeat her because there was no coordination and no team experience. I reflected that if a unit of Burning Dragoons was on hand, it would have been a different story. But it would be a different story only because the Burning Dragoons were a more disciplined fighting unit that would have eventually challenged Kil'jaeden himself given enough time and resources.

Yet, I say we have also become weaker. Too many things we can no longer do: draenic heroism is no longer tenacious as it used to be, my combat drums no longer as persistent, and a number of other factors. We had been weakened. We had been nerfed, and all the Devas are doing is making sure that we would not fail because of these weaknesses.

It is therefore a blessing (despite what elitist adventuring jerks think).

Still, those who have been adventuring against more terrible odds have my greatest respect. However, permit us (especially marksmen) to rejoice in what little power bestowed on us... for as long as we can wield it before it is nerfed from us.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

AWOL on Patch Day

I was like "Oh, by Gronn! You've got to be kidding me!" when I found out what my mom did. She was like "Daughter, as the muster for the invasion is tomorrow, I shall see for myself what goes on within the dread citadel Naxxramas." And I so totally thought she was, like, kidding. I mean, like yeah, the muster coming tomorrow (which all of my friends are calling Patch Day) is so that we kinda invade the freakin' Lich King, and she was going to go to, like, go into the penthouse of Arthas' top dog? On her lonesome? I was like "Duh, whatever mom... tell me another one" and I totally forgot that night elves just don't get the hang of humor... I mean, yeah, I've been trying to teach my mom for years and I kinda thought that she was trying to be funny this time around.

6:59 p.m.

So I was so I started to freak when mom didn't show up today. I was, like, "What the orc? Where's mom?" Everyone's trying out their new toys and stuff, and the guild was going, like, "Myrrh dear, where's your mom? Is she trying out the new talent tree—" and I'd be going, like, "I don't know, Ma'am. Last I checked, she's headed to Naxxramas" and they'd be going like "Haha! Yeah, right!"

But where's mom? Was she trapped somewhere? Did Kel'thuzad the Yuck have her way with her? I'm so totally gonna Frost Bolt what's left of him to little pieces if he as much as looks at her.

What the orc was mum thinking?! Mom?! Where are you?!

7:05 p.m.

I was still hoping my mom was, like, just caught up somewhere doing some odd jobs when our financial manager/banker came along. "Good evening, Miss Curie... but have you seen your foster mother today." "No, Mr. Vault," I replied. "Why are you looking for her?" I fought the rising panic—my mom always told Vault were she was at any one time. "No, Miss Myrrh... and it is strangely unlike your mother. I generally have a stack of leather and cooked meats from her by now, and it has not arrived, and I have not been told by her that she would be away for some time. Um, Myrrh, are you alright?"

No, shorty. I'm not alright. My mum just entered the freakin' dreaded Citadel alone and I'm sure that they're already tearing her limb from limb and feasting on her night elf carcass... at least, that's what I wanted to say. Instead I said in my most dignified mage spellcaster's voice, "My mommy's in trouble."

Okay, so it wasn't so dignified, 'kay? But when somebody's your family for, like, the last five years and she's done nothing but be kind to you and, kinda like, almost died taking you home to your own kind from far away (she brought me to the dwarves, 'coz I think we all kinda look alike to her; but it's the thought that counts), then you won't, like, be freakin' okay if some undead Lich was feasting on your mom, okay?!

Mr. Vault suggested I should try to, like, get in contact with one of the Realm Masters and hope they answer my prayer soon. He kinda also told me not to worry, as he was sure lots of other adventurers were, like, foolish enough (thanks a lot, gnomey-womey) to go into Naxxramas on the eve of the muster.

I'm looking into it now.

7:24 p.m.

Okay, so I kind of went up and down the canals while I sent up my petition ticket to a Realm Master. I've never, like, had to personally deal with any of them but my mom has on my behalf during the fire festival. Mr. Vault sort of got in trouble with them once, but he, like, swears it wasn't his fault and he only got in trouble because he got into a shouting match with some gold farmer. Whatever! I still put him as one of the people to contact when the Realm Masters deigned to reply.

Ugh, walking up and down the canals is sooooooo, like, boring! So I kind of went to the hair dresser and had my hair slightly done up a bit. Honestly! when my mom comes back I'm so gonna, like, force her to get a 'do—all that nelfy long hair barneys are soooooo last dynasty.

Oh, mom... where are you?!

8:05 p.m.

I was out for, like, 30 minutes (getting my hair touched up) so I wasn't available when the honorable Realm Master Lygyryne appeared. He/she (none of us actually saw him/her so we can't be sure if he/she is, like, a him or her) talked to Mr. Vault instead; but that's fine as pine. They might respond better to suits over a giggly girl enchantress like me.

Anyway, they found my mom. Apparently, with the advance of the Beta Expeditionary force and the Ptr-whatsis going down and the official muster coming round, Naxxramas beat, like, a hasty retreat from the Eastern Plaguelands to Northrend. As way cool as that was, foolish adventurers who were within the Dread Citadel were kind of trapped in some limbo—something to do with the way Naxx was transported to Northrend that was, like, NOT good for living flesh.

Anyway, with the Blizzard Devas and the rest of the pantheon so, like, totally, running the world, they had the capability to get my mom out of trouble (hooray!). So Master Lygyryne said something like "Gimme a sec" to gnomey-womey (I'm quite sure he/she said something more grand, like "Forsooth, dear gnome... I shall seek thy mistress and rescue her from dire peril",but I'm only going on what Mr. Vault said he/she) and my mom was freed.

8:15 p.m.

I am sooo totally scolding my mom right now. She says that she couldn't remember much except that as she came in she met some nelf bro claiming to be highborne, and some evil-looking cat who introduced himself as Mr. Bigglesworth. Correctly assuming he was a spy for Kel'thuzie, she incorrectly assumed that the best course of action was to shoot to kill. As if! Sometimes, nelfs could be so dumb!

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hearken to the Echoes of Doom

I am feeling a bit edgy. I have purposely tried not to think too much about the reports that have come from the Beta Expeditionary Force. Not because I did not crave news, or that I am still bitter (was I bitter, or relieved?) about not being chosen to go with the expedition. But with all the conflicting reports from the front lines and widespread confusion because of such conflicting reports, I thought it may be wiser to just wait for the morrow, when the official muster comes on the day of Aman'Thul. Then, I can make sense of all the things that will change during the invasion. There are things which I look forward to and those which I do not—and what I do not look forward to, I will have to accept.

Some reports have caused me some joy—after being a rumor for so long it is now a dead certainty: the Death Knights are coming. It has been reported that these DKs have actually been joining up with the Alliance or the Horde against Arthas himself... it seemed too much too hope that they come not to oppose us but aid us but all the reports are unanimous. And it appears that, at the start of the invasion, we will have an army of them running around. It will be sweetly ironic that we shall invade Northrend and brave the wrath of the Lich King himself aided by individuals empowered by him.

And Dalaran has risen again! With the return of the Kirin Tor, I am also looking forward to the rise of another group of people to aid us: scribes. I have not investigated the matter fully, but I have come across a document with a list of the hunter glyphs they provide that, it is promised, will greatly augment some of our powers.

Naxxramas, however, is still where it is in the Eastern Plaguelands. I know that the current objective is to try and push the dread citadel off Azerothian lands, but I do not see how this will turn out. I have only ventured into the threshold of the citadel, but had not the courage or the power to venture deeper.

But when it comes to our powers, I am in more conflict. Ever since the war on the Lich King was declared, the Devas have been working hard to ensure that we can gradually become more powerful, with new abilities, new talents and an arsenal of new weaponry. But when the muster happens tomorrow, as a necessary consequence (and favor to us) we will be wiped of most of our talents and we will have to relearn them.

Which would not be so bad, except that they've also changed the way things worked for us. For instance, the hunter talent schools, while exciting and providing new possibilities, have switched talents around. Scatter Shot shall no longer be issued to marksmen but shall, instead, be issued to survivalists.In exchange, the Devas have given the talent to "re-use" some of our special abilities in a fight. A fair exchange, but still a minor annoyance, since I've gotten used to using my scatter shots to survive. And that is just one example.

The reason why I am in conflict is because, as you know, I've been trying to be a sniper/marksman for as long as I can remember. But with some of the abilities I've been used to switched to the other schools, I've been seriously thinking that, perhaps, my days as a marksman are over. I mean, yes, from all reports marksmen shall at last partake of some of what used to be the Beastmaster school's monolopoly—high end raiding. This is still a matter of debate, as I'm sure that enterprising beastmasters tomorrow will be learning to tame the more dangerous and, consequently, more powerful beasts. With more powerful beasts, maybe it will still be a beastmaster's world?

But as Sküld mentioned, this is the least of my concerns. I am in conflict, but I have determined that, should I switch schools, I shall endeavor to be good at it and enjoy it.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Brewfest madness, Brewfest hangover

I had been eagerly anticipating Brewfest for an entire year. I had gotten my rams, the goggles, my souvenir brewstein and the life-time supply of Brewfest brew last year, when it first started. I found it to be the merriest occassion I have ever been in, so I had been eagerly anticipating this year's Brewfest. I hadn't realised that my own merriment had been so dependent on everybody else's merriment... and this year people in our realm weren't very merry.

I would have loved to tell you that, this year, I had gotten myself a nice kodo. Unfortunately, this was a temporary delusion brought on by some goblin drink, as temporary as me being a Dark Iron Dwarf (this time, courtesy of some dire brew). The merriment was temporary not just for me but a lot of others because the brewfest organizers no longer had their swift mounts to sell. Bummer... bummer... bummer. I mean, I didn't need a new mount, but seeing as so many people were looking forward to getting their own lovely tan mounts and getting their hopes dashed got me down.

Oh, there was plenty of other new items to be had... not from the organizers. Oh, no. Coren Direbrew provided me with most of the lovely new stuff, but I had to insult him and beat him up in front of his crew to get it. I normally wouldn't beat up the underdog (all he ever wanted was to have his brew showcased during the Brewfest), but I was drunk. Drunk on stuff I never thought I'd have to drink; more on that later. When someone told me that the only way I can get a Brewfest Kodo was to get it from Coren, I just beat him up every night. He kept throwing his coins, his pipe, some of his solid beer (I think it was solid beer... hic!) and finally even his mug at me... even his stupid mole machine remote control. He even brought in barmaid 1 and barmaid 2 to bribe us with drinks and stuff. But no kodo. Every night I left him lying down on the floor, groaning and cursing Ironforge. I eventually took his mug, his mole machine remote and his brew—I was so pissed (that is, angry and drunk) that I threw away the rest.

The next morning, after Brewfest, I woke up with a hangover, two barmaids that I apparently promised to employ (Great! Will have to tell my banker that two more shares will have to be allocated to them) and the sinking realization that I destroyed any chance of diplomacy between Ironforge and Blackrock Depths. Good going Ærynn... such a nice example to Myrrh.

What got me so drunk that it impaired my judgement? With so many tickets from last year and plenty more tokens from this year, I bought myself a membership to the "Brew of the Month" Club. Well, there was nothing left to buy and I thought, what the heck, free brew with supposed beneficial side-effects. Not bad... not bad. I awaited my free brew.

What did I get? Some cheapo stuff, that's what. Some brew that made me speak nonsense and a syrupy light brown ale that made me see squirrels. What happened to all the fortifying stuff I had been getting? No added stamina, no spirit... nothing. They did get me drunk, though. And someone who was drunk, talking nonsense and seeing non-existent squirrels will beat up some neglected dwarf on the provocation that doing so will get me a kodo. Brilliant.

The thing is that I not only went down there, but I dragged Sküld and Dwarrow down there (along with their friends), too. I was uncharacteristically temperamental and mean to them, and for that I hope they someday forgive me.

I still look forward to Brewfest, but I should always remember that moderation is the key. Anyway, to cut a long story short—this year people weren't so happy because they were looking forward to finally purchasing their mount and instead learned they had to beat up a sad old dwarf until he coughed it up. All the other trinkets and stuff are fine, but what other thing can you get from Brewfest that can last you all the way to Northrend? All the other toys are nice, and some cheap alcohol every month is nice, but people were hoping to get the ram or the kodo this year for when we invade Northrend. This was the real reason why people had been racing and barking it up until the very end last year.

This year, there just wasn't any point.

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Are we still calling them "welfare" epics?

I still don't get it. Why is, like, military-grade, alliance-issue gear still seen as, like, "welfare epics". "Welfare epics"! As if! The last time I checked out what "welfare" meant, like, it would be the gray and white stuff the Turners give to guys without jobs and stuff, mostly, or what King Magni doles out to veterans with missin' limbs. "Welfare"! By Malorne's leafy horns! Does anyone know how wicked hard it is to, like, get these things?

And referring to those cowards and mercenaries afking and not contributing in a fight on the battlegrounds and still getting such groovy gear will not make getting this stuff easier. Adventuring raiders are just hopping mad that they have to put up with the perils (and costs) of their trade to get (can I say it?) their gambled loot and they think afkers can get something "just as good" for no effort.

Don't get me wrong, I'm with the adventurers here in that I hate the cowards and the mercenaries as well but, like, don't lump us in with them. For a lot of us, like, really, adventuring just isn't an option. At all. Us guys and gals who want to get bitchin' gear, for sure, we have to sign up for our tour of duty with the Alliance. We're not powerful enough to go to Outland and fight the Illidari or the Burnin' Legion, right? And you'd never willingly go down the bowels of the Molten Core or liquidate Onyxia with us because there's nothin' in it for you anymore, am I right? (My mum would go with me, she says, for sure... except that her peers are eggin' her about the coming invasion of Northrend next month. My mum and I just don't seem to be in the same place at the same time, no matter what we do. I see her sisters, for sure... but it's not the same.)

The thing is, like, it's not welfare! Even my mum who mostly gets some totally bitchin' stuff from her arena battles has to, like, earn every piece she gets. Fighting on the battlegrounds or the arenas, I mean, they're like, so personally taxing. Mano y mano, one-on-one, person-versus-person... that's mondo stressful, man! And you can't just, like, "pull it off" (even the cowards and the mercenaries have to keep a straight face when they, like, queue up to the gigantic dwarfy battlemaster to get their medals and stuff; and as an aside, that "dwarf" battlemaster is as tall as me so, like, you try staring him down). I was totally fabulous in Warsong for a while, but because I haven't fought in, like, two months I can't just wade in there and be fabulous again.

My old nelf says she gets a better chance to get more gear by just adventurin' with others in a dungeon on farm; eventually, you'll get something if you know it's down there. And if one uses the same set of rules for the sort of loot people throw dice on from raiding some old guardian's tower, one can claim that those are "welfare" too; but I'm not stupid enough to call it that. Even I know that Attumen can kill so easily the unskilled. But, in the end, there's nothing like military gear for, like, military purposes. They're more resilient, for one. Nothing is more resilient than the old army issue.

So it's totally not "welfare" epics. Whichever WoW God of the Freezing Storm who called it that was probably, like, just joking. I mean, he can't be serious. More like "insurance" epics... yeah... and the hours spent on our tours of duty is merely the premium we pay until with, like, enough honor and medals to our name,it matures in one piece of wicked armor. I divide my time now with the Sentinels and the League, mostly, and so far they have done good by me.

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Monday, 6 October 2008

Burning Dragoon Ærynn

I finally did as I promised my daughter and sister, and joined the guild of the Burning Dragoons today. They are very much like what Vendetta used to be, so I felt at home very quickly. I will, I think, never overcome the sense of loss for that guild... but as Myrrh would say it is time to move forward and leave the past behind.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Who's the noob?

One of my frustrations as a hunter is that we are always assumed to be dumb and stupid even when they don't think we're dumb and stupid. Let me say that again, they think we are dumb and stupid even when they say they think we aren't dumb and stupid. How do they do that?

By ignoring the fact that our traps can do lots of lovely, useful things.

A paladin tank that Sküld and I once regularly quested with, for instance, does not respect hunter trapping at all as a means of crowd control until we basically forced him not to ignore it. He would pull 4 or 5 mobs onto himself and severly tax Sküld's healing prowess instead of at least trapping one. Between an experienced trapper and a newly dinged level 70 mage, for instance, he will insist that the only crowd control allowable is the polymorph.

Sometimes, I'd purposely multi-shot, pulling the mobs toward me and one on to a trap, swoon, and let the others go back to the tank... and try to chain trap that mob away from the little dwarf who does all in his power to break it. He says that CC means Constant Consecration and that's it. Sküld eventually learned to despise him when he became a follower of Leeroy Jenkins.

But what took the cake for me was an ignorant elemental shaman we used to regularly quest with also. We once found ourselves deep in the bowels of the Steamvault of Coilfang Reservoir. My younger druid sister Dwarrowdelf was the healer, one paladin of the protection order, and then the shaman, another hunter and I as the main damage dealers. This group was already composed of veterans, and our armor and weapons were those won from the more dangerous places in Outland or bestowed by G'eras the Naaru, and we assumed that this little quest for Zhareem will be a case of getting in, doing our jobs, and getting out.

Except that the shaman was, on principle, opposed to us using any traps whatsoever. "Trapping are for the undergeared," he quipped. We had two hunters who can trap and a druid with the power to envelop antagonists in a whildwind—we need not have feared wandering squads of 5 mobs. The hunters that we had, furthermore, was a marksman and the other talented in survival. Therefore we collectively had better traps that lasted longer, and a way to pull spellcasters onto these traps.

Instead, he insisted that the best way to do this is for him to "tank" the spellcasters from afar while we just concentrated on killing the ones we've marked. Lucky for us that Alliance had captured the Twin Spire Ruins that day, because "caster tanking" was not working—he would fall too quickly, leaving the spellcaster free to snipe at Dwarrow. Grudgingly, he allowed us to trap, implying that if we are so unskilled as to need traps, he's just going to let us do it.

Unfortunately, he was one of those temperamental people who makes sure that, if his plan didn't work, he'd make sure our "plan" didn't succeed either. I saw him purposely break the frozen spellcasters out of their traps several times, leaving even more loose with our traps still not properly cooled down to be laid a consecutive time. Purposely, I maintain, because (as any hunter worth her salt knows) we were pulling away from where the main action was happening and they were still getting hit. He would then go on to say "See, we're worse off. Let's just do it my way now. I'm doing more damage than any of you..." (true) "... and yet you don't trust me!"

We eventually went back to his way, but still laying our traps around for just in case we "accidentally" become too threatening, and make sure we chain-trap the melee fighters behind his back while he was engaging in a spellcaster duel (his vaunted "caster tanking"). As soon as we killed the Warlord, he immediately left our fellowship and triggered his hearthstone. I have not seen him since. To this day, I think, he believes that if we weren't stubborn and eschewed trapping altogether, then we wouldn't have been haunted by the Spirit Healer so much.

I can't blame them, really. That is, I can't blame them all the time. Because even if we can do lots of useful things with our traps (not just crowd-control) since we are not called to use it often when we party up to tackle a dungeon we have no practice. When I was levelling up in my late 30's, I watched a vision of a hunter kiting one mob from a group of 3 by using the mechanics of a freezing trap. That day I learned that traps were not mere gimmicks but important tools, and I quested all the way to the 58th level with that skill, mostly when I was questing solo.

But without much practice after that, or not much practice in group situations, the one or two times we are asked to trap (usually to freeze a mob) it doesn't go as smoothly as a mage who already has their polymorphing technique already rehearsed to boredom. But, really, when some people are more than happy to see a hunter fail, and actively try to make them fail, how can one fight that? And just to maintain the huntard stereotype they cherish in their heads, too?

Because of that, I made it a point to practice chain-trapping and theorycrafting the various situations when my other traps are useful. I don't want to give them the satisfaction of saying "See, hunter traps are for noobs."

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Monday, 22 September 2008

Some instances need two healers...

... It is not hard to understand. While more than one healer is not necessary for some instances, expecting just that just one healer to heal in every instance is just nonsense.

And little sissy excuses like "But I'm not specced for healing!" or "I'm no good at healing!" are just that: sissy excuses. If the main healer is down or not able to heal, those who are used to just receiving the healing should step up to give it.

Or a wipe ensues.

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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Pirates of the Azerothean

Yarrrr, I be shanghai'ed by the Dread Captain DeMeza to join her crew fer a day. T'was a terrible thing that I didn't get to keep this bonnie pirate uniform when she left port at day's end.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Vicarious, the Legend of Cronyism (or What Price Loyalty?)

Much has been written about Vicarious and the treatment that Analogkid got compared to the two hunters. Some have expressed shock at the injustice, while others have defended the cronyism as a valid and fair loot council. I purposely wrote long after the fact to see if, like Primula before him, the sting of what had happened would be lessened somewhat. I find that it hasn't, but there really isn't much that anybody can do about it.

Many have written or spoken in defense of the Vicarious legendary loot council—basically the rogue deserved to have that legendary bow given to him instead of letting the hunters roll for it because:

  1. Hunters have rolled for rogue weapons and gear in the past—yes, we admit it, hunters have. That is why, despite all the written advice that hunters should not be afraid to roll on leather that gives you better stats, I have personally maintained a policy of only rolling on mail (despite a lot of the leather gear looking cooler than most of the ugly mail out there). Of course, this is just my personal principle, and apparently nothing hunters would ever do can shake the perception that we're a bunch of ninja-looters. (When I once offered to help take down Omen, I was rudely told off to stop pretending to help then ninja-looting the quest item [I had, by then, just finished the quest, know for a fact that anybody can get the "quest item"—which is actually a buff—no matter who killed Omen, and thought that I was doing somebody a good turn]; frankly, I've personally met more ninja mages and paladins, but what can I say? I'm one of them noob hunters.)
  2. Analogkid has displayed his loyalty and fealty and, therefore, deserves to be rewarded over those who aren't as loyal—I can perhaps accept that a warrior tank be given these over hunters for his loyalty. But a rogue? And not just any rogue, but one who already has both legendary warglaives? I'm sure the hunters have, by now, gotten the legendary bow themselves (if what they say about having Kil'jaeden on farm is true), that is, if they had loyally stayed with Vicarious and never made a fuss. But what I hated about this "loyalty" mumbo-jumbo is that no matter what any new members can do, they can never outdo a person who's been with the guild since Kara; and implying that, just because the hunters only have recently joined therefore they aren't so loyal, is a gross insult. But, if I were one of the hunters, I probably wouldn't have made any noise either. Insult or no, unfair or no, the guild still had KJ on farm, and I'll eventually get my bow anyway... as soon as everyone on the Loyalty List gets it, that is.
  3. Since Vicarious had KJ on farm, they will get their bow anyway—basically, since KJ is on farm anyway, don't give the drop to the ones who can make the most use of it but to the one with proven loyalty, since one can prove their loyalty by waiting for it to drop again. My question—why can't the rogue have waited if it drops so easily? What's so wrong about a rogue (who already has 2 legendaries) to wait until the 2 hunters got theirs? The reasoning is that if this group has KJ on farm, therefore, the group is already powerful; therefore, the hunters will actually just get a little bit more benefit, but really they don't need it. And since the reasoning of improvement has been casually done away with, just give it to our crony here.

To summarize: 1) Revenge on hunters (QQ moar), 2) Loyal members [cough]cronies[cough] first for epeen reasons, 3) Prove loyalty by still running with the guild after we bitch-slapped you.

I know that the wiser and shrewder course of action here is that, if you were one of the two hunters, to just bite the bullet (or arrow), grin and bear it, and just hope that nobody else on the loyalty list wants it when they want to roll for it... but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I'd feel like I prostituted myself for a piece of gear, or a beggar hoping for some scraps. I don't envy the sort of choices those two hunters had to make.

Update: Of the two hunters (Tums and Zzerg) who were there in that raid, only one remains (Zzerg)... and that hunter still doesn't have the legendary bow. I guess the last hunter remaining ought to prove more loyalty, eh?

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Friday, 20 June 2008

I finally got it—The Dark War Talbuk

After more than a few months of farming 100 Halaa Battle Tokens and more than a year of farming 20 Halaa Research Tokens, I finally was able to purchase this beautiful PvP mount: the Dark War Talbuk.

I turn in the repeatable quest Oshu'gun Crystal Powder for the last time to get the last of the research tokens.

I hurry to the blade merchant Aldraan, who sells the mount.

I make sure that I have the required number of tokens.

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Monday, 24 March 2008

Prince Melchazzar, Karazhan - 24 March 2008

We one-shotted this dude the first time (but it may have been beginners' luck).

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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Shade of Aran, Karazhan - 23 March 2008

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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Warchief Kargath Bladefist, Heroic Shattered Halls - 20 March 2008

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Chess Event, Karazhan - 11 February 2008

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Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Curator, Karazhan - 10 February 2008

Vendetta hated the Curator so much that when they were through with him, there was barely enough left of the giant robot to scrape off from the floor.

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Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Crone (Wizard of Oz Opera Event), Karazhan - 27 January 2008

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