Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hearken to the Echoes of Doom

I am feeling a bit edgy. I have purposely tried not to think too much about the reports that have come from the Beta Expeditionary Force. Not because I did not crave news, or that I am still bitter (was I bitter, or relieved?) about not being chosen to go with the expedition. But with all the conflicting reports from the front lines and widespread confusion because of such conflicting reports, I thought it may be wiser to just wait for the morrow, when the official muster comes on the day of Aman'Thul. Then, I can make sense of all the things that will change during the invasion. There are things which I look forward to and those which I do not—and what I do not look forward to, I will have to accept.

Some reports have caused me some joy—after being a rumor for so long it is now a dead certainty: the Death Knights are coming. It has been reported that these DKs have actually been joining up with the Alliance or the Horde against Arthas himself... it seemed too much too hope that they come not to oppose us but aid us but all the reports are unanimous. And it appears that, at the start of the invasion, we will have an army of them running around. It will be sweetly ironic that we shall invade Northrend and brave the wrath of the Lich King himself aided by individuals empowered by him.

And Dalaran has risen again! With the return of the Kirin Tor, I am also looking forward to the rise of another group of people to aid us: scribes. I have not investigated the matter fully, but I have come across a document with a list of the hunter glyphs they provide that, it is promised, will greatly augment some of our powers.

Naxxramas, however, is still where it is in the Eastern Plaguelands. I know that the current objective is to try and push the dread citadel off Azerothian lands, but I do not see how this will turn out. I have only ventured into the threshold of the citadel, but had not the courage or the power to venture deeper.

But when it comes to our powers, I am in more conflict. Ever since the war on the Lich King was declared, the Devas have been working hard to ensure that we can gradually become more powerful, with new abilities, new talents and an arsenal of new weaponry. But when the muster happens tomorrow, as a necessary consequence (and favor to us) we will be wiped of most of our talents and we will have to relearn them.

Which would not be so bad, except that they've also changed the way things worked for us. For instance, the hunter talent schools, while exciting and providing new possibilities, have switched talents around. Scatter Shot shall no longer be issued to marksmen but shall, instead, be issued to survivalists.In exchange, the Devas have given the talent to "re-use" some of our special abilities in a fight. A fair exchange, but still a minor annoyance, since I've gotten used to using my scatter shots to survive. And that is just one example.

The reason why I am in conflict is because, as you know, I've been trying to be a sniper/marksman for as long as I can remember. But with some of the abilities I've been used to switched to the other schools, I've been seriously thinking that, perhaps, my days as a marksman are over. I mean, yes, from all reports marksmen shall at last partake of some of what used to be the Beastmaster school's monolopoly—high end raiding. This is still a matter of debate, as I'm sure that enterprising beastmasters tomorrow will be learning to tame the more dangerous and, consequently, more powerful beasts. With more powerful beasts, maybe it will still be a beastmaster's world?

But as Sküld mentioned, this is the least of my concerns. I am in conflict, but I have determined that, should I switch schools, I shall endeavor to be good at it and enjoy it.