Monday, 26 January 2009

I'm afraid I won't survive

I am aware that they are discussing me. Ever since this war on the Lich King was joined and the battles of Naxxramas have gone on, I have known that the raid leaders have been carefully watching our performance. If I have only myself to think about, ever since the last patch I have become much more powerful. I know this. With basically the same gear that I had before we were patched and after (except for an improved enchant to my boots), I have become more effective at dealing damage. All this despite the new regulations that our volleys and our steady shots should no longer be as powerful as it was.

Alas, I do not live alone in this world. Even though I have improved, hunters of the Survival School have been improving more, and doing more than the other schools. Their explosive shots have been made more efficient, more powerful... more deadly.

I know they are talking about me, but not in glowing terms. After the high days of the battle of Mount Hyjal and the battles for the Black Temple, I am sure that they do not see what is, compared to survival hunters, a marginal increase of lethality on my part. While I rejoice that a once obscure school is finally getting the reputation they were long due, my rank in comparison to theirs has suffered... and, thus, so have my reputation.

The shadow war between the three schools of hunters are still claiming casualties.

It is unfortunate that the marksman tree had, in the past, been the only powerful school; the beastmasters and the survivalists do not easily forget nor do they forgive. But, as it were, the beastmaster school became much too powerful during the time of the Burning Crusade... and people's memories are long.

In one fell swoop, the power of the beastmasters was severely gutted. A lot of the beastmasters have started migrating to the new, dominant school... even, if the rumor has any truth, the most famous beastmaster in the Alliance forces.

As I mentioned, because of the early dominance of the marksmen, we are not easily forgotten or forgiven... and though we have gotten back some of our power, it was only in relation to the beastmasters. The fellowship of marksmen dwindles, with those remaining becoming embittered, loud and, unfortunately, no help in dispelling the image of the haughty, elitist marksman of days past. While I, too, cannot help but be bitter—I feel that I fight harder against even more odds than those who can just lob their explosive ammo safely from a distance—I have to realize that marksmen aren't the true targets of this new pogrom but the beastmasters.

For so long the beastmaster have lorded over the battlefields with their powerful pets and swift flying arrows and shells... and they were proud. Now that they have been brought low even I find it ironic and funny that they have been so humiliated that they have to crawl to the gates of the survival school, begging for entrance just so that their guilds would not think they are losing any of their powers.

But my joviality does not last long. My guild has scrutinized me and I know they are asking why I am no longer the most powerful hunter. I never wanted to be the most powerful, and my recent glories were, themselves, just another whim of those who fight the shadow war. I know I shall lose my place on the front lines... but it is just as well. I had been working too hard, and I have not gone back to lend aid to the Argent Crusade as I had promised. Perhaps now, while they think I am weak, I can have a bit of rest.

Also, perhaps, that the other hunters who I believe never forgave me for taking their place would finally get back their past glory... and forgive me.

Dwarrow, my dear sister, would rather that I abandon my now weak school and join with the survivalists... and show them that I am still the best hunter. But, I am not, and therefore, I will not. The Lord gives, the Lord taketh away... I was powerful for a few shining moments and I will be eternally thankful.

But now is the time of realization... I am needed by the Argent Crusade and the death knights of the Ebon Blade. I will not be the best, but I will still be of use.