Monday, 23 February 2009

Link Love from BRK

There was this one time that my mom, like, wrote an angry letter to this dwarf who was named after what happens when his cat gets really mad. She was, like, shocked that he said that a hunter without a pet is a mage wearing mail... and she was, like, livid at being called someone who uses arcane magic. Like, hellooooooooo! Mom, y'kinda adopted one of those "evil and misguided" arcane users.

Anyhoo, the little dwarfie who likes the big, interesting... and dangerous animals... well, he kinda sent some folks to our little patch'a da woods without telling mom. So here was my mom all kinda shocked that visitors had been to this untidy place where she just went to whenever she felt like bursting out about something huntery.

But as for lil ol me, I was pleased as peach that the little hairy dwarfee sweetums sent some folks our way! <(^o^<) (>^o^)> \(^o^)/ It was kinda getting lonely here with mom always away. Now, she'll have to be here more often to keep things tidy and receive visitors and all. Thanks, Bigredkitty; you deserve a kiss! And, welcome all you (yes the two of you) lovely people!

Jump over the threshold—I'll show you the addresses of the folks that my mom visits regularly.

[Note: Will endeavor to put this as a proper blog roll/reading list later when I have the time.]

Aspect of the Hare - You wants hunters? We gots hunters!

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Big Red Rhino


Blessing of Kings

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Stabilized Effort Scope

steady shot

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The Egotistical Priest : A World of Warcraft Blog :

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Anonymous said...

Grats on the link love, its nice to see that there are still some fellow Marksman hunters out there :)

Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure there are more than two people reading your blog these days


Regardless, I have found you! Muahahaha! Welcome to...the Ultimate Blogroll of doooooooooom! Ok, not doom, but I love blogs. I love finding new ones and through BRK today I've found you! is the place, if you've got some blogs that you read and aren't on my list...for shame! Feel free to let me know.

Except my rambly comments from time to time!


David said...

Gratz on the BRK link! (that is how I knew to come here).

I have bookmarked your site and look forward to future blogs!

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I've been linked~ /swoon

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the BRK link!

I'm brand new to your blog, and I'll be checking in every once in awhile. See how you are doing, all that jazz.

Once again, congratulations!