Monday, 23 February 2009

Link Love from BRK

There was this one time that my mom, like, wrote an angry letter to this dwarf who was named after what happens when his cat gets really mad. She was, like, shocked that he said that a hunter without a pet is a mage wearing mail... and she was, like, livid at being called someone who uses arcane magic. Like, hellooooooooo! Mom, y'kinda adopted one of those "evil and misguided" arcane users.

Anyhoo, the little dwarfie who likes the big, interesting... and dangerous animals... well, he kinda sent some folks to our little patch'a da woods without telling mom. So here was my mom all kinda shocked that visitors had been to this untidy place where she just went to whenever she felt like bursting out about something huntery.

But as for lil ol me, I was pleased as peach that the little hairy dwarfee sweetums sent some folks our way! <(^o^<) (>^o^)> \(^o^)/ It was kinda getting lonely here with mom always away. Now, she'll have to be here more often to keep things tidy and receive visitors and all. Thanks, Bigredkitty; you deserve a kiss! And, welcome all you (yes the two of you) lovely people!

Jump over the threshold—I'll show you the addresses of the folks that my mom visits regularly.

[Note: Will endeavor to put this as a proper blog roll/reading list later when I have the time.]

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pride goeth before destruction

It is done. Finally? Maybe. We shall see later if my performance in Naxxramas will show if it was worth it.

I have finally gone to the Survival School and asked them to teach me their ways. Dwarrow was right. Pride had kept me in the Marksman School. Wasn't this what I wanted? The freedom to move through schools when the need arises? The school of survival is currently the most powerful... shouldn't I feel that it is the right thing to do?

Dwarrow was right that people might get the wrong idea. The raid leaders and the other dragoons who would think that I am hiding behind what is arguably the weakest school. Hiding the fact that Hyjal was a fluke... that truly, I am nobody special. Perhaps those that I scorned before as amateurish and not having any real talents were actually truly more skilled than me.

Truly, I had expected a dramatic jump in my personal DPS last night. It wasn't so dramatic. I was doing roughly the same amount of DPS as a marksman. Well, we'll see how it goes later tonight in Naxxramas... maybe with all the raid buffs and stuff I might start doing more damage.

It is what Tzivya keeps saying—Hunters are DPS and if they don't do the best DPS, they are not doing their job. Was there a time when I disagreed with that statement? It was the cause of my falling out with Khildred. I used to think that it wasn't the most powerful that was more important but team synergy, and he disagreed. I always thought that having the most powerful DPS wasn't the matter, but having enough DPS.

And yet, slowly, I am being compelled to try to be something else. Dwarrow is upset... she feels I should be top DPS again. I didn't want it before, but just because it happened once it feels like everyone expects me to do it again... or else there is something very wrong.

I must get ready for Naxxramas. Kel'Thuzad and his minions cannot be put down for long.
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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Dying Beastmaster to his Spirit Beast

I was walking through the Dwarven District the other day, and I heard one of the dwarves singing. It was coming from one of the houses.

He sounded sad... and drunk.

"Lie down... lie down... my spirit beast
  The joyful hunt is o’er
When once, we were not counted least
  And we had a terrible pow'r.

"With just two shots we blazed a path
  Made strong with serpent swiftness
But stronger yet was beastial wrath
  No one could find our weakness

"The marksman’s shot just wasn’t true
  The survivor had to overgear
While we fought wearing only blue
  We raided without fear

"But now a most Explosive Shot
  Was heard around the world
All good things have changed a lot
  And, thus, our vision swirled

"The Blizzard gods were not impressed
That one button we only pressed
Would always beat up all the rest
With better gear could not keep abreast

"They hit us hard, oh spirit beast
  They nerfed us to the ground
And when the dust had settled
  Few beastmasters were left around

"But patch three-point-oh-point-nine
  They say we shall rebuild...
... Shall everything then be fine
  When they almost had us killed?

"Lie down... lie down... dear spirit beast
  Our companionship is o’er
For I cannot bear to be counted least—
  Over companionship, I choose pow'r!"

Then I jumped when I heard a loud bang. It chilled me to the bone. It could have been anything, I kept telling myself as I went home. It could have been anything.

Should Mom know?
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